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The Past

600_inside_texas_stadiumWhere do I start, well the past year has been filled with tons of stuff. I played football and our team made it to the playoffs. I got to go inside the Cowboys’ locker room and also played on the Texas Stadium. I was also fortunate enough to be at the last game of the Dallas Cowboys at the Texas Stadium. My friends and I watched the closing ceremony which was really cool.


baylorI recently went on a campus tour of Baylor University. The place was very nice and had a lot of activities to do. I really enjoyed the visit and I highly considering it as one of my college preferences. We got to see a huge rock climbing wall which happens to be one of the biggest in any university in Texas. The have an awesome ballpark which is the 2nd most beautiful in the nation and it is said that their homecoming parades is one of the best in the nation. What really caught my attention was all the activities that the students do like there is an annual food fight with nearly 2,000 students involved. There is also tons of orginizations to join. 



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